Wednesday's Words

We have a friend who always asks the boys what they learned at school that day--which I like to ask as well, but for some reason, I rarely seem to get a thought out answer.  But, one day in December, he was at our house chatting with Micah when the boys and I got home and he asked and they promptly responded with "the number for the poison control center".  This was not exactly what I was expecting to hear from them, but their science teacher had taught them (and they learned it because they were able to rattle it off for us) in case they ever needed it.  It just cracked me up later because William then wrote in his Christmas card to his teacher "thank you for teaching us that number--I may need it some day!!"

Since that day, I have tried to be a little more deliberate about asking and persisting for answers about school days.   At dinner, we were talking about their day and discovered that William had been moved to the back of the classroom.  (as a teacher, I know that most students like to sit in the back, but thought I would feel them out to see if they viewed that as a good or bad thing)  They couldn't really think of any pros about sitting in the back row, but they had quite a few negatives--how far you have to walk to get to your seat (this was a big one), being the last one to get your papers, and being further away from the board.

My nephew Quentin who is a year older than the boys is in the midst of his science fair project (don't even ask me how I am feeling about the next two years of school when I have to supervise two science projects at the same time, two years in a row).  He made a particular type of cheese, one recipe made three different ways--I am going to be honest...none of them were very good.  My sister-in-law told me later that Xavier was practicing his Spanish on his comment sheet, declaring the cheese was "asi-asi" or 'so-so'.  Totally cracked me up.


We have our Wednesday routine.  After school, they come to my classroom, help me put away my books and things and we head to Sprouts for a weekly shopping trip (double ad Wednesday!) and then normally we will stop by QT for a little soda treat for them.  This week we were at Sprouts and in their clearance aisle, they had some candy cane cotton candy that William wanted to know if he could have.  I told him that he could trade that treat for his soda treat.  To which, he pondered and accepted.  His brother, on the other hand, declared that there was nothing better than sitting down and reading his Hardy boys book while drinking his soda.


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