Wednesday's Words

Our Wednesday after school routine usually consists of running into our local Sprouts  (because of double ad Wednesday) and then stopping by QT for a fountain drink.  We started the QT for a drink a couple of years ago when I was trying to make an effort to develop some traditions in our weeks. It is a small thing, but the boys always look forward to it.  One day not long ago, Xavier says to me "there is just nothing better than getting home on Wednesday, curling up in the recliner with a good book and sipping on my Coke"--which totally cracked me up.

Today, we had a friend from school/church with us and he remarked that there were a lot of students hanging out at the QT (which happens to be right across from our town's high school).  There are always students hanging out there, but there did seem to be quite a few more today.  So, we talked a little about the proximity to school, etc.  And William says, "Man, they must be really good workers!........because they already have their homework done, since they are all hanging out at QT, they must have worked really hard at school." I love the perspective of a child and I hope that they all DID work really hard at school and get their homework done!

I sent the following text to Melissa today: I had grand plans of starting taking pictures and blogging again in March--you can see how well that is going. 

After spending 10 years almost obsessively documenting my boys' days, I am feeling like I am totally slacking, but since we live in a mostly clean house, they have clean clothes, and they have food, I am refusing to let myself feel like a loser mom.  I will get back to the documenting because they do love to read my blog books and look at our Project Life albums, but it just may take a few more months.


Norman said…
Busy, busy, busy! Of course, that's modern day living, right? Well, thanks for the bits and pieces we see to get a glimpse of our family.

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