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This guy

A few weeks ago, they did a vision screening at school and William came home with a paper saying he had failed a portion of it and we needed to follow up with an eye doctor.  I couldn't believe it! They had their vision checked last year in January and didn't have any issues and he certainly hadn't been complaining of not being able to see.  That weekend, we happened to run into their eye doctor (who is also the dad of a classmate) at a restaurant and kind of mentioned it to him.  If I am being honest, I was hoping for him to say, "oh, those tests are often wrong--he is probably fine".  Instead, he said, you should probably bring him in.  So, we made an appointment and headed in last week.

As we sat in the room and they started showing him rows of letters to say, which he clearly could not see or identify, he casually mentions, "yeah, this is exactly like it is at school when I can't see the board!"  Apparently, he forgot to mention that to dear ol…

April 25: Chocolate Cake Day

I remember it just like it was yesterday.  Sitting in my in-laws' house on a Tuesday night trying to pass the time by watching television and seeing someone eat cake.  Mmmmm...that looks good, Micah and I said to one another.  So, we got up to check my mother in law's pantry to see if she happened to have any ingredients to whip up a cake.  She had a box of Hershey's Cocoa with a recipe for Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake on the label.  Sure enough, she had all the ingredients and we worked together to make that cake.  After it baked, we couldn't quite wait for it to cool and so we made the icing and spread (or maybe poured) it on the still warm cake eager to indulge ourselves.

The next day, mid-morning and the boys are sleeping.  We are back to sitting and watching a Project Runway Marathon, still waiting.  I guess we could have a piece of cake?  Why not, we are just waiting.  The phone rings about 11:30 and I go out on the patio to answer it in quiet.  I hear the…