April 25: Chocolate Cake Day

I remember it just like it was yesterday.  Sitting in my in-laws' house on a Tuesday night trying to pass the time by watching television and seeing someone eat cake.  Mmmmm...that looks good, Micah and I said to one another.  So, we got up to check my mother in law's pantry to see if she happened to have any ingredients to whip up a cake.  She had a box of Hershey's Cocoa with a recipe for Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake on the label.  Sure enough, she had all the ingredients and we worked together to make that cake.  After it baked, we couldn't quite wait for it to cool and so we made the icing and spread (or maybe poured) it on the still warm cake eager to indulge ourselves.

The next day, mid-morning and the boys are sleeping.  We are back to sitting and watching a Project Runway Marathon, still waiting.  I guess we could have a piece of cake?  Why not, we are just waiting.  The phone rings about 11:30 and I go out on the patio to answer it in quiet.  I hear the words, "Unfortunately, yesterday's biopsy came back positive...."  I hang up the phone and go back in and talk to Micah. We both make some additional phone calls and the boys are up from their nap and needing some lunch.  We feed them and then for the first time, pull the proverbial cancer card...we should probably go ahead and have a piece of that cake.  Then, again after dinner, I guess it's not going to take care of itself, we should probably eat another piece.

That day was nine years ago--which feels like an absolute lifetime ago.  I can guarantee that back then we could hardly think about nine days in the future.  This morning, during my quiet time I was reflecting on that morning and how we could never have dreamed where these nine years would take us--the heartaches and joys, the highs and lows.  There are definitely days when I long for what seemed like the 'simple' days of life--you know, living in a foreign country trying to figure out life in a different language, with newborns.  When I am honest, I remember vividly that those days also had heartaches and joys, highs and lows.  And while I spent so much of my early adult life preparing for those days, I find myself still trying to figure out this new life.  Although, I think that is maybe part of adulthood and moving through the ever-changing 'seasons' of your kids' lives and your family life.

We have faced a lot of transition in these last nine years and are getting ready to face another which is maybe why this day seems to stick out to me this year.  We always make the chocolate cake--partly because we really like chocolate cake--but also because it is good to remember.  While I remember (and still grieve) how much life has changed, I can't help but remember how faithful He has been, how good He was in the moments right after that phone call and in all the days since.

I can hardly believe that it has been nine years since we had chocolate cake three times in one day and while I don't advocate eating chocolate three times a day every day, I look forward to making that chocolate cake for many more years.


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