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We had a visit last week from Uncle Shane and Aunt Joy and somehow in the midst of the visit, the boys pulled out the scrapbooks and the blog books and spent countless hours reliving their childhood.  Then, they started to ask me why I didn't blog anymore and when am I going to finish the Project Life books for probably 2015 and 2016.....all the questions!!!!  They told me they really loved reading Thankful Thursday and Tuesday's Tidbits, etc.

I have lots of reasons why I haven't blogged, some of them valid, some of them less valid perhaps. I think like all things, it has perhaps mostly been a matter of priority.  While blogging has never been my greatest strength, I am so thankful for the years that I blogged that allowed me record what surely would have been lost in the depths of my barely existent memory.  I certainly love that the boys get such joy reading the stories of their early days--they were pretty entertaining little ones.

This week the boys have been out gallivanting with their very brave grandparents.  A few years ago, their grandparents Derby took four of their grandchildren (all within 15 months in age) on a great adventure to Gettysburg and Washington DC.  While the kids everyone came back utterly exhausted, they had had a great time, but I wasn't sure that Grandpa and Grandma were ever going to attempt that kind of trip again.  And I guess you could say that they didn't --since this year, they took their five youngest grandkids (a 6 year old, three 11 year olds, and a 12 year old):

Their plan was to take the train from Oklahoma City to San Antonio, visit the Alamo and Sea World and head home on the train.  Unfortunately, train travel in the US seems to be less than reliable and so they ended up on a bus at one point on the travel down and then today, after multiple trains were canceled, they rented a vehicle to drive part of the way home.  They still managed to have a great time and I can't wait to hear all of their stories.


I am loving the photos of the Alamo and am thinking I would like to visit it someday!!

This was a pic of the boys as they waited somewhat impatiently for their grandparents to pick them up on Tuesday night.

They will be home in about an hour and I am looking forward to hugging their necks and getting some hugs in return.


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