Thankful Thursday {June 8, 2017}

I am bringing this back at the request of William.

Several years ago, I spent a year recording One Thousand gifts after reading Ann VosKamp's book.  Even though I didn't always document on the blog, I maintained my gratitude journal for a few years. Then, it got set aside and packed away.  Before leaving to go to Quebec City with my students in March, I pulled it out and took it with me and have been maintaining the practice each day of starting my day by adding several things that I am thankful for.  It has been balm for my soul to recount God's blessings as well as to look back over the years and entries and see the graces He has filled my life with.  I am reminded over and over of Psalm 103:5 "...who satisfies your years with good things."

Here are a few things that I am thankful for this week:

  • Incredible weather--Oklahoma is notoriously hot and miserable, but so far this summer and spring, we have had pretty mild temperatures (some crazy storms, but not too much heat).  For example, the last two mornings, I have needed a blanket as I sit on my back patio.  I know that warmer weather is coming--probably starting tomorrow and into next week, but right now, we are soaking up the outdoors.
  • The body of Christ as it supports and comes around its hurting members
  • Faithful promises of the Lord--they never fail, they are a soft resting place for the hurting
  • My boys' love of music lessons--they recently started piano and this summer are also taking saxophone (William) and trumpet (Xavier)
  • Progress in clearing out flower beds--and all the spiritual lessons that are contained in maintaining landscaping
  • Sweet William who has begun to say a blessing back over me when he is leaving to spend the night somewhere


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