Glasses, Jack & Zenie, and Shane & Joy

Hello, this is Xavier. So sometime in June we went to the eye doctor for a checkup. Pretty much he told me I needed glasses. So we went to Thomas Eye Care and we were not even in there for five minutes (Mom told me) and I had picked out my glasses. On June 30, I got glasses! I did feel bad for our 6th grade small group leader because we told him bro was the one that had glasses.

They look like Harry Potter I know

Enough about glasses. So we walk 2 other dogs besides Barney. Jack & Zenie are Golden Retrievers who are not as wild as Barney.

The one on the right is Jack and Zenie was on the left

 So Shane and Joy were here at the end of May. We went to the Mercantile in Pawhuska and the food there is huge! We also played Catan & Cities and Knights of Catan.(bro won both!)
The day they left, we did not want them to go

Cities and Knights a crazy game that is awesome    

I told you the food is huge at the Mercantile!


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